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We want to provide a place for people to explore their faith, challenge them to live dangerously for Jesus, and empower them to fulfill their God-given purpose.


Caleb has a heart for the unreached in the community of Casper. He loves to see the faithfulness of God when people take a risk in faith and begin to trust in him through those experiences. Caleb cares deeply about leadership that equips people to do ministry in their day to day lives. Caleb is always ready for the next adventure, whether it be rock climbing, skiing, or mountaineering. He appreciates the unity and shared vision that every team has while on an adventure together.

Caleb has a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry and a Master’s in Biblical and Theological Studies, both from Indiana Wesleyan. Before planting Uncharted Church, he served on staff at two different churches and became ordained in the Wesleyan Denomination. Caleb has also been on the core team of two church plants, both successful and thriving today.

Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith
Our Team
Bill & Debbie Nicholas
Bill & Debbie Nicholas


For the past several years, Bill and Debbie have been on a journey working to discern God’s will for their lives. They each believe God is leading them into deeper ministry that is more invested in building God’s kingdom. This specifically means serving in a variety of capacities for Uncharted Church.


Bill and Debbie have been living a somewhat nomadic lifestyle while Bill has been serving as a traveling Xray technologist. To prepare for more effective ministry, Bill is taking courses in order to be ordained in the Wesleyan Church, and has interned at New Life in Gillette, WY. Debbie is currently studying at Liberty University to become a Christian counselor. Bill and Debbie love spending time as a family in the outdoors and exploring new places. They have six kids and ten grandchildren.


We are committed to sound Biblical theology. You'll find our statements of faith to be quite similar to the vast majority of evangelical churches. Even though we are a new and contemporary church, we are accountable to a large and notable evangelical organization, The Wesleyan Church. We are a Wesleyan Church that is specifically held accountable by the Northwest District of the Wesleyan Church. Check out the link below for our full articles of religion and position statements.


Our values describe who we are. Each one of these helps us define the culture that makes up our Uncharted family.


We do anything short of sin to reach people for Christ

The mission of making disciples trumps everything. This means that personal sacrifices, programs, models, and strategies always serve the mission


We empower leaders to lead

Trust is given; mistrust is earned. We will empower and catalyze leaders into ministry every chance we get and in every way possible.


We laugh together

Authentic laughter is a sign of joy and intimacy. A healthy church community will laugh together. We cannot do any of this alone. This means we love one another, we laugh together, we have fun together. Church really can be fun! We pursue the mission, but we do it together.


We have an outward focus

The Church is defined by its mission to the world. As soon as we become inward focused, we become a holy huddle, deaf to the cries of the spiritually hungry.


We take risks

Aquinas said, “If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would leave it in port forever.” It is impossible to achieve anything worthwhile without risk. We will refuse to allow fear to bind us to mediocrity. We need to be a church that is willing to live dangerously for Jesus. If we aren’t taking risks, we stagnate.

Our Values


We have a network of organizations that are working together to make this church launch possible in Casper. This includes churches and evangelical organizations that are known for investing in young, innovative church plants which bridge denominational differences for the cause of Christ. Our partners work together to provide support, guidance, and resources to launch and grow healthy, life-giving churches.

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